About us

Look Good.  Feel Good.  Do Good.

At Woven Devotion, it is important to us that all women feel as though they can express their personality through a creative and delightful wardrobe.  We understand that it is important to give back to the community that surrounds us as well as to those in most need globally.  See how we give-back here.

When you shop at Woven Devotion, you are going to find beautifully curated pieces to help you look good, feel good, and know that you are doing good.  We appreciate the support from our clients as we partner to bring restoration to the lives of many.

At Woven Devotion, it is not about the sale; it is about the woman.

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Where it all began

The story of Woven Devotion began years ago with a sketchpad, a love for fashion, and a little bit of encouragement from Mom.

As a teenager, I had a passion for creative clothing and frequently found myself sketching what I believed to be revolutionary ideas for the fashion world. It wasn't until my mother mentioned, while I sat on the living room floor sketching, one simple phrase that I will never forget: "You know you could do that for a living."

That statement changed the trajectory of my life and I knew in that moment what I wanted. I began to pursue a hobby as a career path. The journey was long, time consuming, and yet so rewarding and life-changing. During this time, the vision for Woven Devotion grew.

What if a company could exist where women could look beautiful, feel great about themselves, and give back to others? It was with this revelation that Woven Devotion was born; and it was all thanks to a sketchbook, a love for fashion, and a little bit of encouragement from Mom.

Pictured: Owner, Katie