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Intellectual Property

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Liability disclaimer

Woven Devotion maintains the right to add, adjust, correct, or remove any information at any time without notice.  At times, this site may contain inaccuracies; Woven Devotion may make any correction to this information at its sole discretion without notice.

Woven Devotion makes no claim to the accuracy, availability, or timeliness of the information, images, products, or services contained on wovendevotion.com or in store.  Woven Devotion makes no guarantees of suitability of a particular product for a specific use.  There are no warranties on graphics, merchandise, information as it is presented "As Is."

Changes to this policy

Please note that changes to the above policies may be made and Woven Devotion holds the right to do so at any time.  Please review this page frequently to remain up-to-date on our terms of use policies. 

Effective as of June 20, 2017.